PHP 145,000.00 monthly rental
Type: Apartment/Condominium  
     3    3    2  
Availability: Taken
Salcedo Village
Floor Area: 237 sq. m.
Lot Area: 237 sq. m.
· Air Conditioning   · Cable TV   · Fully Furnished   · Gym · Heating   · Parking   · Internet Access   · Security Guards   · Security System   · Swimming Pool

This luxurious 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Tiffany Place  is ideal for  a couple with small children. The Unit for rent is a spacious 3 residential bedroom with comforably-sized bathrooms with 2 Parking lots; at  around  247 sqms., it would be as large or slightly larger than the average high-end 3 bedroom cuts within Metro Manila.

Tiffany Placecan claim to be the best residential unit in L.P.L. Leviste St, Salcedo Village today. It is located in the heart of Salcedo Village , Makati. Tiffany Place is walking distance to such places as Citibank , N.A., The Ayala Triangle, The Manila Peninsula, The Mandarin Oriental and Saturday Flea Market- a popular destination of many expatriates.

The interior design orientation would be Neo-Modern with a distinctly brown-colored theme that dominates the color scheme of the entire large apartment- from brown, presumably most prominent in  narra floor, to light varnished brown cupboards and kitchen cabinets and walls, beige brown dining chairs and brown bedsheets..etc.

Tiffany Place is a first-class development of Alliance Global Group.